DJ Hurley is many things, and of all those things he has had to work very hard and tirelessly to master them all. The one gift he has never had to work so hard at is his ability to communicate effectively his experiences, thoughts and feelings. DJ is able to do this with a humor and honesty that isn’t quite as common as one would think. His poetry says what you wish you could say, or even knew could be said. His essays are insightful and easy to read. And his opinions are interesting, and thought-provoking but never disrespectful. Most of the time, you feel like he’s a friend speaking directly to you, because his voice is informed but not judgmental. He owns his opinions as his own, and never as right or wrong. A unique character with a lot to say, that you are sure to fall in love with over time (if not immediately). I’m proud to call him my best friend, husband, and client.
I introduce to you…DJ Hurley!!! Enjoy what comes next.

With Love,
Lavarro Jackson-Hurley
For booking, guest blogging, appearances, and other inquiries please contact me at 917-450-8962 fax: 773-475-6677 or email: Jackson.hurley@hotmail.com

In addition to writing, DJ Hurley is also a professional makeup artist, hiv/aids advocate, volunteer, event host and mentor.


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