and still…

i cry
rain pours from
my heart
washing away life
vice grip tightens
breath is stolen
faith in love
fade to black

and still…

the LOVE of GOD
is the Love that
wakes me each morning
provides my breath
creator of you and i
protector of my soul
worthy of praise…

and still…

i reap the benefits of stillness
after my mind has questioned
and is lacking in answers
often times tears
spell it out for me
other times
i wait
and wait

and still…

wondering consumes me
life keeps moving
on top of
and thru me
but i see
i think i see
im sure i see
i wanna see
please help me…
this never becomes less
only more or less
mainly yes
im outta breath
so take the only words i have left
remember me…
and still…



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