It’s levels to this s@*#!!!

OMG you guys, I didn’t know how to start, where to start, or even when to start whatever it is that I’m starting. Point A is always the hardest to locate for some reason. I guess it’s because the expectation of what and where it should be and what it looks like is so great that when you don’t feel like you’re seeing it or beginning there, then somehow everything that follows will be tragic. I don’t know the start of this journey feels a bit convoluted and contradictory but the inner turmoil is real, and so am I.
See this is the precise reason it’s taken so long for me to start this blog. That first step seems so difficult to make because it has to be worded perfectly and capture the attention of my potential audience. The first post is going to set the tone for what’s to come in the weeks, months, and years to follow. It’s my introduction to an entire world of readers with opinions that I’m sure they’re not at all afraid to share. Unabashed and highly critical people make me feel vulnerable and judged even if and when no judgment is being passed. The only other time I can recall making a decision this tough was as a child. Don’t wonder what difficult decision a child has to make because I’ll tell you and then you’ll totally understand where I’m coming from. This is like choosing the perfect first day of school outfit. Right? Remember it was all about that first outfit because it consisted of so many important statements all wrapped up in a single look. It told the masses where you’ve shopped, approximately how much you’ve spent, and gave insight into what could be expected from the rest of the school years wardrobe. The first day of school look had to be the second best in your arsenal of fashion because if your peers thought you killed on the first day, they wouldn’t be expecting you to up the bar on day number two. So basically, as the song goes, “it’s levels to this shit!” and making sure to be on the correct level at the correct time is vital. First impressions are lasting and can’t be taken back. I’m nervous (not really), but I do want you all to love me and much like in high school I am seeking acceptance in this sea of other people, headlines, and opinions.
The main purpose of this post is, and was to take the first step in creating my place and presence online. What will come next will either be a lot more random, or possibly more well thought out? Your guess is as good as mine. Let’s find out together…it’s going to get interesting. Reality television without the television. I’m the star. Lol.

Love & Respect,


6 thoughts on “It’s levels to this s@*#!!!

  1. The World has been waiting for you, and we can’t wait. It’s up to you to believe what everyone who knows you sees already. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is the first step to greatness. “You can choose comfort or you can choose courage… but you can’t have both…” and courage will take you to far more places then comfort ever will… XOXO

    • Thank you so much Uti. Having supportive friends and family like you make the journey that much more fulfilling because I’m allowed to be more courageous then I’d be on my own. Or perhaps courageous in an entirely different way. Either way, I’m blessed. So excited to see how it evolves and how I can use it to help others speak their minds.

  2. I am so proud of you for JUST starting! You are an amazing and interesting person, and I cannot wait to see where this goes! Love you lots!!!

  3. I’m so excited & proud of you! This journey will be amazing. I look forward to seeing your transparency, your heart & soul being poured out into words. I’ve been waiting for this day. May God continue to bless you & His favor forever be over your life! Love you boo!

    • Thank you so much Della. You were the first to convince me that my voice needed to be heard and that I had a way of saying things that others felt but couldn’t articulate. It’s been a long, exhaustive journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I love you always!!!

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